The smoke detector for your website

Biz-Eye watches how your website is seen by the internet and notifies you by email each time something changes

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Your website's reputation

We check the way your website is seen by your visitors:

Biz-Eye checks your domain's reputation

Your website's security

Biz-Eye checks your domain's certificate

Is your certificate SSL correctly configured & valid?

The first thing a responsable webmaster does for his online shop is to keep his users safe by buying a SSL Certificate from his webhosting company of choice.

But what if that certificate expires or gets misconfigured?

Having an expired or not valid certificate is actually worse than not having one at all. You users will see a warning page that will surely drive them off your site.

Your domain's ownership

We check the public WHOIS information to see who the owner of the domain is. Malicious attackers can take control of your domain using domain hijacking; if this ever happens, you will know before it's too late.

Hackers can steal your domain by contacting your webhosting company and claiming they're you. With some informations usually found on social networks, they might pull it off. With this, you get time to ACT

Biz-Eye checks your domain's ownership

Your expiration information into one place!

Biz-Eye checks your SSL and domain expiration

We keep track of when your domains and SSL certificates are expiring, so you never have to worry of lost visitors or lost domains

You can also add custom expiration parameters, like your website's hosting, your credit card. I've seen this A LOT! People forget to renew their hosting, or their credit card expires and they will lose a couple of days' worth of business for a silly mistake like this!

Nothing to install

There's nothing to install with this service. Once you set up your account, Biz-Eye will start checking everything.

Biz-Eye uses public information, from different sources and pulls it together so you don't have to manually do it.

Why pay for something when I can do it myself

All that biz-eye does can also be done by a resourceful webmaster, through different searches across the web. The problem is most of us are forgetting to do that, and the time spent doing that is just not worth it, when it can be automated

Monitor your competition's domains

There's nothing that limits you to your domains. You can also monitor your competition, to see how they're doing, compared to you

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