Get Email Notifications When Your Domain's Information Changes

We continuously monitor how your website is seen by the internet and notify you by email each time something changes


We monitor major blacklists/URIBL/malware lists so you can know if your website's or email's IP address gets blacklisted

SSL validity & expiration

Having an expired or misconfigured SSL certificate is WORSE than not having one. We check daily for SSL errors + notify you when your SSL certificate is about to expire

Domain's IP addresses & expiration

We're checking your website and email servers IP addresses changes and notify you by email, to prevent service interruptions

WOT score

We monitor your WebOfTrust score so you can be proactive in the discussion with both satisfied or unhappy visitors

Domain authority

Domain authority is a Moz© metric, directly related to the number of inbound links to a domain


PageRank is a well known ranking score from Google©, which shows the importance of your site on the internet

Try it for FREE for 14 days

Your information will NEVER be sold or given away. We will use your e-mail address as a login for the service, and for change notifications; you will be able to unsubscribe from any communication with a simple click

After the free trial expires, you can continue monitoring your domains for $9.99 per domain

We check daily your domain information monitor get the information from different sources, so you don't have to waste time doing it.

It will then notify you by email of any changes noticed. This way you can take action before you start to see a revenue decline in your online business.

Why pay for something when I can do it myself

It's all about the time spent on it. You can check all these metrics yourself, but it will take you some time to do it.

Also, I doubt that you will remember to do it daily, or that you keep a track of the changes. That's what Biz-Eye does, and it's good at it!

Nothing to install

There's nothing to install with this service. Once you set up your account, Biz-Eye will start checking everything.

Biz-Eye uses public information, from different sources and pulls it together so you don't have to manually do it.